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Zero extra work when a new person joins your organization

What makes DoorFlow unique is that it’s a fully automated, setup-and-forget solution. Building access rights policies are assigned once to groups like HR, Sales or Cleaners. So once a new person joins your organization, they automatically get the right access based on the groups you assigned to the user either in DoorFlow or directly in systems like Office365/Google and many more.


DoorFlow Integrates With Leading User Management Systems

PS: Most of our Integrations are a 2 way integrating, meaning that for instance, you can track attendance in your existing coworking or sports club system. 

User Directories

Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Azure / Office 365 Active Directory
Google Cloud Suite Directory
Any system that supports LDAP

Happy Desk Yardi Kube
Many more…

Co-working systems

Manage My Match
Sailing Club Manager
Many more…

Sports club systems

Provide access to your customers


Via our REST API & Webhooks/Callbacks

Many more

Integrates with common user management systems and locks

While DoorFlow can work as a standalone system, most of our customers benefit from the fact that we integrate with user directory, co-working space management systems and sport club systems out of the box.

Features that fit your project

We help you from A to Z, at no extra cost

You don’t need a technical background or need to become an access control guru to implement DoorFlow and smart locks. We help everybody from one-door sports clubs, hotel facilities to 100.000 employee multi-site enterprises, from A to Z. We will provide all the help you need to select the right hardware for every door you have. We guarantee a successful implementation and we’ll provide you with as much support as you need to to get you there. Try us out now and request a free tailor-made design for your project, which comes with a fixed price and exactly all the locks you will need. 

DoorFlow provides
Our Cloud platform, the right locks (optional), the right installer (optional)

Save up to 50% on your total costs by avoiding traditional solutions

Many installers are still pushing traditional digital locks that require pulling wires to every door, as there is more work and margin in it for them. As we are vendor-independent we will help you save up to 50% on the locks, by recommending the most cost-effective (wireless) locks for your project and helping you choose the right installer, for free.

Our cloud platform starts at just £25/month for 5 doors including all features and integrations. To get a rough idea of the total costs per door, get a quick quote right here, without any waiting.

Works with best of breed hardware brands

DoorFlow is hardware vendor-agnostic and works with best of breed smart locks, and even print servers, so you are not locked into one brand and can choose the most cost-effective solution. You can also connect elevators, turnstiles and cabinet locks to DoorFlow. If you already have digital locks and additional hardware in place, we can connect to those.  Some of the brands we support are: Aperio, Assa Abloy, ISONAS, HID, and Axis.

Use your phone as a key card, without taking it out of your pocket

We are at the leading edge of technology, so we don’t just support keycards, dongles, and codes, but also allow users to unlock doors with their phone via NFC or BluetoothAnd we took this concept one step further: Users can use their phone as a key card by installing our app, but you can even put your brand on this app. Or you can integrate the keycard into your company app using our SDK. 

Optionally, users don’t even have to take the phone out of their pocket as doors automatically unlock once they approach them. By using the latest Bluetooth LE technology, that is present in all modern phones, this will not drain their batteries.

Powering New Business Ideas

Our fully open solution gives you the freedom to implement almost any business idea, i.e. through our app, or using our integrations or open API. Some of the amazing things our customers have implemented are:

  • A co-working space, offering a premium plan for a time slot based evening access to the facility
  • An insurer implemented a building check-in/check-out solution to print lists of who is in the building for fire drills

  • A university implemented class attendance tracking using their door sensors and class schedule. 

  • A bank, connected their systems to the floor doors so users can see if their colleague is at their normal floor/desk

  • A squash club, to track member activity statistics and automate billing

  • A hotel facility to improve revenue from shared and private space, automate billing, traffic control or activity tracking.

  • Another co-working space built a solution to identify up-sell opportunities based on the usage levels of current subscribers 

  • A school, to only allow students only into certain rooms based on their class schedule, year and even grades.

  • Another co-working space, to “charge per minute” and charge less during off-peak times. 

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Learn about next generation cost effective options

Developer friendly open API

Create your own solutions using the DoorFlow API. DoorFlow is a fully open, API-first solution built with developers in mind, using open standards like REST and webhooks/callbacks. Of course, our API is well documented and our developers will support you rapidly and to the point.  Unlike most competitors, we are cloud-based and all changes are real-time. We also offer a proper SDK to integrate DoorFlow into your (mobile) app. Click here to request access to our API documentation. 









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Learn about next generation cost effective options

To get an idea of the total price of all hardware per door (Reader, Hub, Lock) use our quick quote calculator using the button to the right. You will receive the quote directly. 

Installation costs vary by region, but we can keep them very low by recommending wireless locks with long-lasting batteries in most scenarios, although wired solutions are also possible. This cuts down the installation time from several hours to as little as 20 minutes per door, since not a single wire has to be pulled per door. 

Doorflow works for companies of any size, from sports clubs with one door to enterprises with 3000 doors.  


From Zero to DoorFlow in 5 Steps

We start with analyzing your building and requirements

We will discuss your requirements and do an assessment of your doors to understand the hardware and software needed to start using DoorFlow. In case you already have electronic locks in place, we can connect to those in most cases.

With DoorFlow your (new) location can be up and running in as little as two weeks, however we recommend a 12-week timeline to get all locks and software installed. We take our customers by the hand with a step-by-step plan, so they don't have to become lock experts but still avoid common pitfalls.


You want to know the costs beforehand. At DoorFlow, we’re transparent about our prices and will give you insights on the total costs to implement DoorFlow in your organization. You can choose from several leading hardware brands, so you are never locked-in to one vendor and can choose the most cost-effective solution.

We’ll talk about your options and the total costs


On-site assessment

A local installer will do an on-site assessment at least 2 weeks before the installation to double-check if everything is ready for installation. To save costs, your IT department can already run network cables to points as discussed with the installer.

It's time to install DoorFlow

The installer will do the entire installation process for you.  The installer will ensure all locks are connected to DoorFlow Cloud and working well.



You're ready to use DoorFlow

After installing DoorFlow we can help you set up your integrations to start getting better and real-time insights about the people flow in your organization.

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We make sure your users,  from Active Directory / G Suite / Nexudus / Your custom system,  automatically get the right building access.

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To get an idea of the total costs per door, get a quick quote using the button below, without any waiting.

Cloud-Based Access Control Solution that works with all leading locks and user directories

Cloud-Based Access Control Solution that works will all leading locks and user directories


5 Doors

50 Active Cardholders

£24/$39/€35 month

25 Doors


250 Active Cardholders

£49/$79/€59 month

50 Doors


500 Active Cardholders

£79/$124/€106 month

Unlimited Doors


Unlimited Cardholders

Pay only for the doors you need

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