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Cloud based Access Control for your Co-working Space, Office, School, University or Sports Club

At a glance

Our simple web-based software gives you full control over your system, from anywhere in the world. There's no software for you to install and maintain and we'll monitor your system to make sure everything is running smoothly.

You can use cards (some folks use these as ID cards too), key-fobs or pin codes. Want to use your phone to access doors? - no problem, we have an app for that!

We hook up to lots of other systems like Directories and Print Servers too so that you can use your cards throughout your site for full control and auditing - and to make your life just that little bit easier.

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Get up and running quickly. Start seeing results right away.

Cards, key-fobs, pin codes or phone?

We can cater for almost any kind of card or key-fob. Our mobile app lets you access any DoorFlow enabled door from you phone too

We support proximity (ie Prox, Mifare, DESFire, iClass), magstripe and barcode cards as well as key-fobs and pin codes

Easy to setup

Get up and running quickly There is obviously some installation at the door, but it's minimal and all comms go through your network - once it's online, the door controller(s) will appear in your account and you can start controlling your door

What are you controlling?

Typically you need an electronic lock (for example an electronic strike or maglock) - essentially if we can control it electronically, we're good to go

Do you have a user list?

Upload your user list - and if you have photos then even better - your cards will look really professional

Moving from an Existing System?

No problem - what do you currently have?

You probably have a panel based system - with some controller boxes in cupboards and under the stairs?

Option 1

Keep your readers and your cards, and replace the brain

This is the most cost effective, but we need to be sure that we can talk to your readers. We support Wiegand readers and ISONAS Reader Controllers - if you're unsure, get in touch and we can help fill you in

Option 2

Keep your existing hardware or upgrade it

We're still keen to keep your existing cards and key-fobs if we can, so this is the next best option. We'll need to identify your card type(s), but that's not a problem either.

Option 3

You want to freshen things up a bit right?

The installers can still make use of the cabling and electronic locks, but we'll look to update your readers and get you a fresh batch of branded cards

Multi-Site Organisation

Multi sites - no problem

So long as a site has an Internet connection we can keep all of your users accessing the right buildings, floors and doors ... and of course notifying you if there are any problems!

Are your Users and Groups in a directory?

Great! We hate data duplication - it only confuses!

We can keep your DoorFlow account in sync with Groups in your directory. Changes made in the directory will be automatically applied to the Door Controllers - Simple!

We have baked in support for Active Directory, LDAP, Google Apps and a growing number of membership systems.

Special requirement?

We have a growing number of formal Integrations to help keep things running smoothly. Checkout our awesome PaperCut Print Management Integration - one of our favourites!

We also have an API if you have a specific requirement. If there's something that we haven't thought of, get in touch - happy to help where we can


Some of the benefits of DoorFlow

Card Printing

Sync your records with CardPrint to print custom branded, professional quality cards - or send them to our bureau service for printing

Time & Attendance

We record everything. View as a calendar of activity, print or export the attendance data for further analysis

Enterprise Tools

Avoid data duplication and link DoorFlow to your back end systems. Active Directory, LDAP or Google Apps - we work with them all

Industrially Secure

We take security very seriously. Our investment in industry-leading infrastructure helps ensure your information is safe and secure.


We believe you should use DoorFlow because it's the best, not because you're locked in. We use standard card formats and all of your data can be exported at any time.

Full Auditing

Access is important, but so is knowing how access rights have changed over time. We log every change, however small, so that you can be sure of what's happened in the past

Multi credential support

Whether you want to use cards (maybe as ID or membership cards), key-fobs, pin codes or your mobile phone, it's no skin off our nose. We're happy to support them all. Unsure? Get in touch


Do your users need across several sites? No problem - and no special setup or hardware necessary.

How It Works

Each door controller is synchronised with the DoorFlow Cloud Servers to ensure that access is still possible should your Internet connection be interrupted.

And with tamperproof hardware and all communications fully encrypted you can be confident that the system is secure.

With push notifications you can easily create customised alerts which focus on aspects of day-to-day that are important to you.

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There's lots to think about but we'll hold your hand all the way.

Please get in touch to start the ball rolling. Happy to help where we can.

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