Flexible access control for User Directories Co-Working Spaces Sports Clubs CRMs

Our cloud-based software integrates with user directories, co-working space management systems and sport club systems out of the box.

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Built for any project

Zero extra work for new joiners

DoorFlow is a fully automated, setup-and-forget solution. Building access right policies are assigned once to your groups like Members, HR, Sales or Cleaners. So once a new person joins your organization, they automatically get the right access based on the groups you've assigned to the user.

We help you from A to Z, at no extra cost

You don’t need a technical background to implement DoorFlow and smart locks. Our UI is intuitive and easy to use and we help everybody from single-door sports clubs to multi-site coworking spaces and hotel facilities - from A to Z.

We will provide all the help you need to select the right hardware for every door you have. We guarantee a successful implementation and we’ll provide you with as much support as you need to to get you there.

Works with best of breed hardware brands

DoorFlow supports hardware from a number of different manufacturers and our portfolio is always growing. Every door is different and this approach gives you a broad range to choose from, keeping costs down. You can connect doors (wireless and wired), elevators, turnstiles & speed lanes, parking barriers, server and cabinet locks to DoorFlow.

If you already have access control in place, we can likely connect you to DoorFlow with minimal chnages. Some of the brands we support are: Aperio, Assa Abloy, ISONAS, HID, Southco, Third Millenium, STiD and Axis.

Unlock doors with your phone

We don’t just support cards, badges, keyfobs and codes, but also allow users to unlock doors with their phone. Users can use their phone as a key card by installing our app (or one of our partner apps) - You can even integrate DoorFlow into your company app using our SDK.

I don’t have an access control system

I have an existing access control system

I have a multi-site organisation

We can also work with your installers and electricians to design a bespoke system – contact us

Global Reach

Powering New Business Ideas

Our fully open solution gives you the freedom to implement almost any business idea, i.e. through our app, or using our integrations or open API. Take a look and see what some of the amazing things our customers have implemented.

Co-working Spaces
Co-working Spaces
Schools & Universities
Schools & Universities
Sports Clubs & Hotels
Sports Clubs & Hotels
Financial Institutions
Financial Institutions


Integration with all the major systems

Most of our Integrations are bi-directional, meaning that you can control DoorFlow access as well as tracking attendance or events in your existing coworking or sports club system.

Microsoft Active Directory

Active Directory

Microsoft Azure / Office 365 Active Directory

Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure / Office 365 Active Directory

Office 365

Google Cloud Suite Directory

Google Workspace

LDAP Systems

LDAP Systems

Smart Unlock

Use your phone as a key card

Opening doors with your mobile phone is the future - a world free of plastic!

Users can use their phone as a key card by installing our Passport app (or one of our partner apps) - You can even integrate DoorFlow into your company app using our SDK (for iOS and Android).

We also have a fully automated integration with HID Mobile Access.

Mobile Access App

How it works

Zero to Done in 5 Steps

With DoorFlow your (new) location can be up and running in as little as two weeks, however we recommend a 12-week timeline to get all locks and software installed. We take our customers by the hand with a step-by-step plan.

  1. We analyse your building and requirements
  2. We’ll talk about your options and the total costs
  3. On-site assessment
  4. Let's get your DoorFlow account setup
  5. It's time to install DoorFlow

You're now in a position to start getting better and real-time insights about the people flow in your organization.

Custom Solutions

Build using our API and SDK

DoorFlow is a fully open, API-first solution built with developers in mind, using open standards like REST and webhooks/callbacks. Of course, our API is well documented and our developers will support you rapidly and to the point.

Unlike most competitors, we are cloud-based and all changes are real-time. We also offer a native SDK (for iOS and Android) to integrate DoorFlow into your (mobile) app.

Learn about developing with DoorFlow on our Developer page.

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