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Use your phone as a key card, without taking it out of your pocket

We are at the leading edge of technology, so we don’t just support keycards, dongles, and codes, but also allow users to unlock doors with their phone via NFC or BluetoothAnd we took this concept one step further: Users can use their phone as a key card by installing our app, but you can even put your brand on this app. Or you can integrate the keycard into your company app using our SDK. 

Optionally, users don’t even have to take the phone out of their pocket as doors automatically unlock once they approach them. By using the latest Bluetooth LE technology, that is present in all modern phones, this will not drain their batteries.

To get an idea of the total price of all hardware per door (Reader, Hub, Lock) use our quick quote calculator using the button to the right. You will receive the quote directly. 

Installation costs vary by region, but we can keep them very low by recommending wireless locks with long-lasting batteries in most scenarios, although wired solutions are also possible. This cuts down the installation time from several hours to as little as 20 minutes per door, since not a single wire has to be pulled per door. 

Doorflow works for companies of any size, from sports clubs with one door to enterprises with 3000 doors.  

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We make sure your users,  from Active Directory / G Suite / Nexudus / Your custom system,  automatically get the right building access.

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Cloud-Based Access Control Solution that works with all leading locks and User Directories

Cloud-Based Access Control Solution that works will all leading locks and user directories


5 Doors

50 Active Cardholders

£24/$39/€35 month

25 Doors


250 Active Cardholders

£49/$79/€59 month

50 Doors


500 Active Cardholders

£79/$124/€106 month

Unlimited Doors


Unlimited Cardholders

Pay only for the doors you need

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