Great features that we think you'll love

Modern Cloud based access control to ensure your users get to where they need to

Multi card formats

Most card formats work with DoorFlow. Typically these are HF & LF proximity formats and magstripe formats. Smart cards, Contactless, TFL Oyster, HID Prox, iClass to name a few...

Card Printing

Sync your records with CardPrint to print custom branded, professional quality cards - or send them to our bureau service for printing

Time & Attendance

We record everything. View as a calendar of activity, print or export the attendance data for further analysis

Enterprise Tools

Avoid data duplication and link DoorFlow to your back end systems. Active Directory, LDAP or Google Apps - we work with them all

Event Notifications

Fully customisable events to allow you to stay in the loop of what's happening and where

Industrially Secure

We take security very seriously. Our investment in industry-leading infrastructure helps ensure your information is safe and secure.

Time Control

Fine grained control of each door is really simple - by person, group, time of day


We believe you should use DoorFlow because it's the best, not because you're locked in. We use standard card formats and all of your data can be exported at any time.


Credentials are cached at the door, so you can be sure your users can always get in when they need to

We're in the Cloud

No local servers to install, manage and keep up to date.

Easy to use

We work hard to ensure you have a clean, uncluttered interface - easy to learn and enjoyable to use.

Hardware support

DoorFlow works with almost all Wiegand based readers (including prox, magstripe and barcode) and works natively with ISONAS hardware.

Go mobile

The DoorFlow Utility mobile app allows you to control your site from the convenience of your iOS phone (Android support coming soon)


Access our open RESTful API to control your data from your existing systems. Using the API is easy and no one likes data duplication.

Simple setup

Easy as 1, 2, 3. Connect your controller, setup your People and Roles and that's it

Full Auditing

Access is important, but so is knowing how access rights have changed over time. We log every change, however small, so that you can be sure of what's happened in the past

Free online support

Our support site has lots of easily accessible information. If you're stuck let us know and we'll help you get things sorted quickly

Multi credential support

Whether you want to use cards, key fobs, PIN's or your mobile phone, it's no skin off our nose. We're happy to support them all. Unsure?


Use the same people across several sites? Perfect! So can we. No special setup or hardware necessary.

Getting Started

Get your site access flowing as it should with DoorFlow

No limitations

There is no limit to the number of doors or people that DoorFlow can support. As generic IP devices all door controllers need an IP address and a route to the Internet - that's it!

Global Network

DoorFlow is a global network enjoyed by thousands of people every day.

Benefits of using the Cloud

We'll be here come rain or shine. We'll backup your data and keep your personal records secure and safe. We work hard to make sure that you have one less thing to worry about.

We look after you like family

We monitor and proactively address issues 24/7. We'll notify your IT or security partner of anything that needs their attention. Who's responsible for what? More here.

Become a DoorFlow Partner

Do you have customers that would benefit from DoorFlow? Do you have software that you want to integrate with DoorFlow? Get in touch to become a DoorFlow Partner.